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For five generations and originally as Hurlbut, GLC Minerals has stood beside the farmers of NE Wisconsin, providing mineral solutions and helping support local communities. We not only understand the science of soil and crop management, but we also know that today more than ever, cost-effective agronomy solutions are paramount to every agricultural operation. That’s why we are proud to offer our farming community a superior performing mineral product at a fraction of the cost. From corn to potatoes to alfalfa, we have a cost-effective product that will directly affect your yield and your bottom line. We will also manage freight and application logistics as a full-service mineral solution provider.

Custom Blends

As agronomy experts,  GLC Minerals understands that every farmer's need is different and varies by soil, crop and weather. If you have a unique situation, ask us about our custom blends.


GLC Minerals will also provide freight and application services to our area farmers. We have a dedicated fleet of trucks and a logistics team that will deliver your agronomy products on time, every time.
Our experienced spreaders will apply the product to your soil utilizing our proprietary Target-Spread system- reducing drift and enhancing direct drop.

Call us at 1-800-236-7737 or email to add our application services to your order.

Proper Spreader Set-Up

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