TYPE: Natural Calcium Carbonate with high Calcium content and low Magnesium Content
BEST SOIL: Heavy soil that is in need of pH adjustment
BEST CROP: Alfalfa, Corn Silages, Corn, Soybeans
BENEFIT: Fast-acting neutralizer, bulk powder, cost-effective.


UltraCal custom processed lime from GLC Minerals is 97% pure calcium carbonate (CaCO3), This naturally occurring mineral is processed to a fine powder (95% passing 100 mesh) that will change soil pH more effectively than aglime. Pure, finely ground UltraCal reacts faster and more effectively than aglime to neutralize soil acids and protect yields. In addition, GLC Minerals has developed a proprietary production system to ensure just enough moisture to reduce drift and ensure application accuracy.

UltraCal is the best option to rapidly increase the pH of near-neutral soils. Recent field experiments in Iowa showed that dolomitic lime takes longer to reach a certain pH value than calcitic lime.

Because UltraCal is a bulk powder product, it’s more cost effective than pelletized products. The pelletizing process adds considerable cost to the product without any improved effectiveness. Infact, pelletizing can often make soil correction cost prohibitive.

For optimum yields, effective liming material must raise the soil pH to a desired level. UltraCal custom processed lime from GLC minerals does just that, with the smallest amount of material applied possible. In contrast, aglime must be applied farther in advance and at much higher rates per acre than UltraCal. In some cases, poor quality aglime may not increase soil pH to the desired level.

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